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The Mission

Want to serve your clients better? Meet them where they’re at.

Spoken over, chastised, disbelieved, accused of exaggerating, made to educate (often while paying handsomely for it), dismissed, inundated with semantics, micro agressed, taken out of context, macro agressed, met with ignorance and stunted progress— Those are key hallmarks of therapy, primarily, but also with councillors, teachers, coaches, leaders, employers and the world at large, in the experience of marginalized folks like myself.

All of this, happens to us as we try to navigate and unpack our own trauma. We pay hundreds of dollars to sit across from professionals who simply don’t seem to hear us; and what healing can truly come of that? We should not have to explain anything- from systems of oppression down to inappropriate language, just to feel supported. Forced engagement with this actually quite traumatizing itself, and it needs to stop. People of marginalized identities deserve solid support, openness, compassion and most importantly empathy when expressing their feelings in a safe space. We deserve to use all of our time focused on what matters, our own healing.

The only way we will ever recieve that is if our allies are well trained in sensitively and appropriately holding space for us. Its only possible if you, yes YOU, make and maintain efforts to meet your clients, students, etc, where they’re at. In many areas, where they’re at is quite a bit more nuanced and informed than where you are at, in your understanding of their lived experience. Finding humility, accepting and unpacking privileges, and putting a genuine effort to learn more about how your clients view the world based on their identity are wonderful first steps to take towards where you need to be. That’s why I‘m here. Let me show you the way. Enter The Meadow.


Ms. Meadow

Intersectional sensitivity Coach

About Me

I am an empathy lover and sensitive soul. As a Black, neurodivergent, queer and non binary person, I am also intimately experienced in the burden of being asked to explain and justify my needs, reactions or motivations to those seeking to help me. This inspired me to dedicate my adult life to studying the impact of carrying that burden— in all sorts of spaces but primarily those that are therapeutic, in order to advocate for others suffering the same way I have.

“I’ve learned so much through my conversations with Meadow! I had no clue how much I wasn’t picking up on with my BIPOC clients, but Meadow has given excellent guidance for understanding them and communicating with them more effectively.”

Shawna Deluth


Headshot Four Friends Contacting Distantly by Video Conference Call
Headshot Four Friends Contacting Distantly by Video Conference Call

“Meadow definitely knows their stuff. Over my 3 sessions, they helped me explore a few of my unconscious biases and taught me how to change them. I want to really be there for my students, and I feel way more capable of doing that now!”

Neil Munch

High School Teacher

My Services

*This concept is in no way limited to strictly white folks. Straight privilage, cis privilage & able-bodied privilage and many similar social hierarchy exist. This service is available to those looking to provide true allyship to marginalized folks. ALSO marginalized folks looking to vent about such experiences should reach out for adjusted pricing- I would love to hold space for you as well.

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Taking notes
Comforting a friend in need

Compassionate Conversation

Join me for a relaxed, zero pressure conversation. Identify your areas of struggle, biases, or context seeking. There are no silly questions; important knowledge can be found in ANY inquiry.

Answer follow up available. Whatever I dont know, I will do my best to find the answer for.


Have no clue where to start, but know you’d like to? You’re in the right place. The fundamentals series is a group of flexibly structured classes covering misconceptions, histories, language and social dynamics of unique marginalized identities & groups.

Learning materials and readings included.

Unpacking White* Guilt

It can be hard to come to terms with the privilege of belonging to a non marginalized group. That said, voicing the struggle, confusion and awkwardness of navigating such identities to people belonging to a marginalized group is extremely disrespectful. Lets unpack those together with a fully non-judgemental, open discussion(s)

What Are You Waiting For?

Sliding scale discount is in place for those who need it. Please do so if you can afford to pay the full price. It supports me and my ability to do more work for my communities. Thanks.

Compassionate Conversations

Half Session: $45

Full Session: $65


Single Session: $70

3 Session Bundle: $175

Half Session: $60

Full Session: $110

Note: Full sessions are 1 hour, 20 minutes


Governing Board Member


In my time spent on the governinng board of the Laurier Student Public Intrest Reasearch group, I advocated for the safety, protection and uplifting of marginalized students and faculty within the university. I also attended diversity training conferences with the organization and participated in the hiring of a diverse and multi-perspective team of employees.

Experience & Education


VOlunteer CoOrdinator

WLU Rainbow Centre

I spent multiple semesters working under the university’s diversity and equity office. Duties included creating and organizing educational programing around LGBTQ+ matters. Advocating for nonbinary and trans students dignity in the classroom & administrative issues.


Sociology & Women/Gender Studies

Wilfrid Laurier University

(2016 - 2019)

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